Krux @ SRF  July 2nd 2007

  More pix from the Krux show at Sweden Rock Festival on our

KRUX homepage --->



FORUM ---> Krux

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  AC/DC - For Those About To Rock 

  The Who - Tommy

  Bob Hund - Folkmusik...

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NIN  April 10th 2007

  Went to Annexet/Stockholm the other day to watch Nine Inch Nails & Ladytron - Reznor rules.




  We’ve got some KRUX merch for sale!

There are 2 different t-shirts, cost €12.99 and €15.99.

We’re also selling our two cd’s + the dvd (all signed)

Check it all out in the shop.

MEDIA page  July 4th 2007

  I’ve finally uploaded some audio&video on the MEDIA page.

Also, a new Newsletter (top of this page)

Therion in Miskolc  June 19th 2007

  Check out a clip from the show with Therion + orchestra&choir in Miskolc (thanks to Arina for the clip)    • Blood Of Kingu

SRF 07  June 18th 2007
†  A short report + pix from Sweden Rock Festival. • read more •

Krux Photos  June 11th 2007

  I put up some pix from the Krux show today under LatestPix. This one’s taken by Patrik Hellström, you’ll find more at his homepage here.

Into The Light  June 11th 2007

  Last week saw the release of Into The Light with Nuclear Blast Allstars, I sing on one of the songs.    • ITL Info

MySpace Blog  June 4th 2007

  Some info regarding Krux merchandise at Sweden Rock + backing vox with Apocalyptica in this MySpace blog.

Therioff  May 10th 2007

  Read the blog on my MySpace site - or Therion's homepage - if you're interested in some facts about me not touring anymore with Therion.

MySpace Videos  May 7th 2007

  I've added some videos on my MySpace site, I'll add more during next week.

MySpace  April 27th 2007

   I've finally put up a MySpace site with some demos and pix. Here's the link: MySpace

I’m Back... August 4th 2007

  After the crashed drive, I’m finally able to update this news page again. In Finland this weekend by the way.../M

Krux Västerås  July 7th 2007

  We played with Krux at Mälarrocken in Västerås

last weekend. Again, Patrik Hellström took some pix - check them out here.

Krux CD  July 7th 2007

  For those of you that have ordered the first Krux cd, we’re still waiting for them from Mascot Records - sorry about that...

What’s up? August 22nd 2007

  I’ve started working on the Amaseffer songs for the first cd of three. I hope to have it done in September. Also recording some drums for a Carl Westholm (Krux,Carptree) project. Writing a lot as well, both for myself & other artists.

Candlemass DVD  August 28th 2007

  Candlemass will release their 20-year anniversary show on dvd, I did ”Black Dwarf”. More info about the release here.

M:O:M at Anchor  September 4th 2007

  Both Monsters Of Metal (3 members from Opeth + me) and Belford will play at Anchor this weekend. We start at 00.30 on friday, 23.00  on the saturday.

M:O:M Setlist September 11th 2007

  Here’s a link to a post on Opeth’s homepage with the setlist from this weekend (we didn’t play Sanitarium though...) Link!

It was a blast playing with them, fantastic guys.

Therion Video  September 12th 2007

  Therion have uploaded the video for ”Son Of The Staves Of Time” on YouTube. Watch the video here.

Vaaa? September 28th 2007

  I’ve had a couple of mails from people who want a new newsletter & updates on what I’m doing...I’m just working my ass off right now with writing & recordings. I’ll be back...M.

Krux at Debaser October 3rd 2007

  On October 9th (next tuesday) we play at Debaser with Krux! 

It only costs 100 SKR to buy a ticket, more info here.

Krux T-shirts at Debaser October 8th 2007

  Only tomorrow night at the Debaser show, we’ll sell our

t-shirts for 100 SKR - same price as the ticket.

Pix from Finland October 11th 2007

  Finally uploaded some pix from the shows in Finland in August  under Latest Pix, hopefully some new Kruxpix soon as well.

Krux pix Debaser October 16th 2007

  Got some pix from Michael Johansson, taken at the Krux show last week. Check them out to the right on this page...

Amaseffer October 18th 2007

  I’ve sent my vocal tracks to Amaseffer, some more info here.

Candlemass DVD & KruxPix October 18th 2007

  Check out the mini-site with trailer & info about the 20-year Candlemass anniversary dvd here...I’ve added some more pix from the Krux show under Latest Pix as well.   ---->

Sweden Rock All Star Band October 22nd 2007

  On November 24th I’ll sing a song or two with Uli Jon Roth and the rest of the All Star Band at the Sweden Rock Kick Off in Stockholm - I’m thrilled to play with Uli.  Read more here

Competition! October 23rd 2007

  Win a Therion (Classic show Bucarest) or Graspop 2007 t-shirt by just sending me a mail (press Contact). With both shirts, a tour pass + stickers are included. Competition ends October 31st.

Krux at Inferno November 2nd 2007

  Krux are confirmed for the Inferno festival in Norway in March next year. More info here.

CompetitionWinners November 2nd 2007

  Thanks to everyone for entering the competition and congratulations to both winners: Anja & Tobias.

I’m also sending some additional stickers & Therion Classic Show folders to Kriss and Maria. Cheers/M.


  Some changes regarding KRUX merch.

The 2 different t-shirts still cost €12.99 and €15.99, but the black with white text is only available in XL right now.

We’re also out of the first cd at the moment...SHOP!

Krux LMM  November 6th 2007

  We played at Linköping Metal Massacre with Krux last friday. Here’s a picture, thanks Arina!

London&Paris November 13th 2007

  Just got back from London where I saw Heaven&Hell and The Flower Kings. A lot of pubs...a packed Crowbar after the H&H show...great weekend! Also, now it’s confirmed that I’ll guest with Therion in Paris on December 22nd. Cheers/M.

Happy New 2008 January 2nd 2008

  Merry X-mas and a Happy New MMVIII! I’ve uploaded some pix from Finland, a Halloween Party with AB/CD, Therion in Paris and some great drawings by Lydia in Bulgaria. Also, check out the first Amaseffer song at See you in 2008!

NAMM & Newsletter January 13th 2008

  Flying to LA tomorrow, will visit the NAMM show + have some vacation...check out the January newsletter by the way/M.

Back from NAMM January 23rd 2008

  Got back from LA today, had a great week with some vacation + 3  days at the NAMM show. I’ll upload some pix later.

Next week I’ll start working on vocals & lyrics for a friend’s blues album, more about that later...M.

Updated tour section February 4th 2008

  So... I’ve  finally fixed the tour page after last summer’s hard drive crash... By the way, thanks to everyone who turned up at the Krux and British Steel shows this weekend!

AB/CD + Treat February 20th 2008

  On saturday we play with AB/CD in Gislaved.

Our friends in Treat will also be there, don’t miss it if you’re in the neighbourhood...

Crucified Barbara April 27th 2008

  On May 5th swedish rockers Crucified Barbara start recording their new album, I’ll be producing it. We’ve been working together for 2 weeks now with the arrangements and it sounds bloody great so far! Btw, I updated the tour section...M.

Krux + Newsletter May 8th 2008

  We’re confirmed to play with Krux at Doom To Dust in Tilburg on September 7th. Fredrik’s busy with Opeth,our friend Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt) will step in for that show. We now have some more Krux II cd’s in the shop by the way.

I wrote a newsletter about the coming summer (top of this page) Have a great summer!

Crucified Barbara blog May 9th 2008

  Check out Crucified Barbara’s blog with updates and pix from the studio...CB blog!

Amaseffer Release May 18th 2008

  The Amaseffer album Slaves For Life will be

released on June 24th. Hear the title track at

Summer Sale!!! June 26th 2008

  We’re selling out our remaining Krux t-shirts, dvd’s and Krux II cd’s, just go to the SHOP page and!

Royal Hunt shows July 4th 2008

  I’m doing 3 shows with my friends in Royal Hunt this summer since Mark Boals has other commitments. See the TOUR page...

Jupiter Society CD July 13th 2008

  I have 10 signed Jupiter Society cd´s for sale, go to the SHOP There´s also some Krux stuff left.

Royal Hunt + OD + Krux August 12th 2008

  I want to thank Royal Hunt for the three shows we did, great people! Also cool to meet some of the Deep Purple members.

Next week I’ll record my Opera Diabolicus vocals, the week after that we’ll be rehearsing with Krux. Marcus (Royal Hunt) and Mappe (Candlemass) are helping us out since neither Fredrik or Jörgen can do the show. Finally, check out the August newsletter.

Krux & MySpace September 14th 2008

  Another Krux t-shirt is now available in the shop, only 9 left...

Our show in Tilburg went great, check out pictures to the right

Right now I’m uploading a lot of pix to my MySpace page (link), some new, some old...Cheers/M.

CMS & Newsletter October 6th 2008

  I’ll be singing a couple of songs at the show ”Christmas Metal Symphony” in Tilburg on December 28th (click pic for info)

Also uploaded a Newsletter for October,cheers!M

Infinite Mass on YouTube  October 18th 2008

  Someone’s uploaded clips on YouTube from 2004 when I did a couple of tv shows with Infinite Mass playing bass & guitar...

Link 1: Fire Fire     Link 2: No.1 Swartskalle

Hi again!  February 22nd 2009

  I’ve only updated my MySpace page during the last few months,

here’s a link to some info about what’s happening: MySpace Blog Here’s a link to a Lotto commercial where I’m doing the backing vocals (not the lead...): Lotto

Check out the newsletter and some pictures to the right from different shows during the last months...cheers/M.

Newsletter --->

February 2009

Nuclear Blast CD  February 11th 2007

   Some info on the 20th Anniversary Nuclear Blast Compilation where I sing one song ("Death Is Alive") can be found here!

Some Info  March 14th 2007

  Played with Krux this weekend, thanx to those who showed up. I've updated the tour page with some more dates, don't know yet if I'll be performing at the Hungary show with Therion.

Therion In Sweden  March 20th 2007

  Therion will play in  Stockholm/Debaser Medis September 6th.

Krux  March 21st 2007

  Krux will play at  Mälarrocken in Västerås on June 29th.

More Shows  March 30th 2007

   Krux are confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival on June 9th and Therion for the Metal Heart Festival in Norway on August 17th.

Candlemass Party  April 1st 2007

  Check out some videos from yesterday's

Candlemass 20-year anniversary party, I sang Black Dwarf". ---> link

Update...  May 26th 2009

  I’ve worked hard the last few months with my solo stuff, sorry for the lack of updates on this page...

By the end of this week I’ve done proper pre-production for 8 songs, I’ll do another 7 during the summer.

Among other things, I’ve helped Amaseffer with vocals for 3 pre- production songs.Cheers/M.